Women's Car Insurance Policies

It may surprise you, but auto insurance is offered to the two sexes on different terms. The ones who usually benefit are the women.

Advantage for Women

Women have an advantage when purchasing auto insurance. They invariably receive offers for cheaper rates than those offered to men. There is good reason for this discrepancy. Women not only have fewer accidents. The accidents they do have turn out to be less serious than the ones men have. Part of the reason is that, on average, women drive slower than men. As a result of this fact, specialist auto insurance companies have appeared in recent years to market specifically to women.

Of course, women will be safer with auto insurance that covers their particular needs, just as is true for men. The many women today who are the sole provider s for children owe it to their family to ensure they have an auto insurance policy that covers all driving eventualities.

Types of Coverage

First, women need to inform themselves of the available types of auto insurance and their purpose. They will find different kinds of coverage for their own person, their car, any other driver in an accident and the other driver’s auto. Liability coverage will pay when a driver has an accident and hurts someone else or damages that individual’s property. Collision insurance will pay for damage to one’s own car if the driver is found to be at fault. If the accident cannot be attributed to you, but the other driver is lacking insurance, then uninsured/underinsured car insurance will pay you. Specialty types of coverage such as insurance for car rentals and road service also can be very useful for some women.

Lower Premiums

Women are advised to take some responsibility for finding cheap car insurance. Their auto insurance premiums will be based on age, sex, driving record, amount of coverage requested, types of car, and credit rating. One of the best ways women can make themselves eligible for cheap car insurance is to maintain a good driving record. Avoid having accidents. Drive slowly. If you have no violations and no tickets you stand a better chance of getting lower premiums.

Women can take a number of other steps to get cheap car insurance. First, the kind of car they drive will affect their auto insurance rate. It may be a good idea to investigate car insurance for women before buying a car. Bigger, heavier and fancier cars will bring higher insurance rates. The same is true of sports cars, cars with many additional technology features, and those identified as theft targets. Cars that get the cheapest rates are four door sedans and compact hybrids.

Another common way to limit premiums is to select a higher deductible. If you do this, your premiums will be lower. At the same time, make sure the deductible is affordable. When deciding on the amount of insurance to buy, select what covers your needs. However, if you have an auto loan or a lease, you will be required to purchase full coverage. Otherwise you may want to investigate your state’s required minimum coverage. The auto insurance companies’ offerings are based on the applicable state’s requirements.

Another way auto insurance companies evaluate a driver’s risk is to look at their credit rating. It is important to pay your bills promptly. Avoid accumulating debts. A good payment record will help limit your auto insurance premiums.

Shopping around regularly, before you buy auto insurance for women and thereafter, every six months is very important. Rates change and you as the auto owner may become eligible for a better rate on your insurance. Look into other discounts. If you take a driving course, that will recommend you for a better auto insurance rate. The same is true if you were rated as a good student in a driving course. Another step you can take to improve your chances of a discount is to have safety devices installed in your car. If you own other vehicles and have a responsible record driving and managing them, then that credit will transfer over to your latest auto acquisition.

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