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Stockton is a city in the state of California located in San Joaquin County.  Stockton is the fifth largest city in California and San Joaquin is the fifth largest agricultural county in the state.  Ever since the late 1990's, the city has seen an influx in population due to people wishing to avoid the high costs of living in San Francisco Bay area and other nearby cities.

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The city is encompassed by California Central Valley, well known for its fertile farming soil. Stockton home insurance depends on the weather conditions common in a Californian city.  The climate is considered mediterranean characterized with cool wet winters and hot dry summers.

Taken from the 2000 census, there are approximately 244,000 people residents, 79,000 households and 83,000 families recorded.  Stockton life insurance depends on the spread of the age demographic and the crime rate.  As for age, the median age was estimated around 29.8 years of age.  Forbes magazine recorded 6,570 crimes for every 100,000 residents back in 2005.

Stockton auto insurance and transportation is dependent on the major freeways that pass through the San Diego County.  These roads include I-80, 580, and the State Routes 99.  Stockton health insurance and facilities include Dameron Hospital, St. Joseph Medical Center and San Joaquin General Hospital.

Other Stockton Insurance Companies
Allstate Insurance-MBH Insurance & Financial Services Inc.
8807 Thornton Rd ste D1
Stockton, California 95209
Dashers Insurance Services
6134 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95207
Lawrence G M Insurance
7746 Lorraine Avenue Suite 210
Stockton, California 95210
Lenzi Rick-Agent New York Life Insurance Company
3255 West March Lane
Stockton, California 95219
Lenzi Steve AGT for New York Life Insurance Compny
3255 West March Lane
Stockton, California 95219

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