The Good and Bad of Cheap Home Insurance Rates

Emily Ferreira, Managing Editor

When owning a home, a solid home insurance policy is as important as the foundation it’s built on. Unfortunately, like most insurance, homeowners insurance is an added expense in your budget. Finding a cheap home insurance policy is not always easy to do. Even if one is found, it may not be the best policy for your specific needs.

Cheap Home Insurance

Home owner insurance rates are based on a variety of factors. Finding a policy that offers a cheap home insurance rate may not always be a good deal. Often times, the quality of service and other benefits offered by insurance companies determines whether or not the cheap home insurance price is really a bargain.

In many cases, finding good deals on premium insurance policies is easy, but some policies are not worth their discounted rates. Still, some policies are worth much more than they cost. The difficulty lies in deciding which one to purchase.

A home owner insurance rate is determined by many factors related to your house. The amount of money it would take to rebuild a home is the most significant factor. Many people try to insure their homes for the amount initially paid, but the initial purchase price includes the value of the land as well. This amount also doesn’t take increasing property values into account. Make sure the coverage amount you select is truly going to be the amount of money required to replace your home, if an event calls for that action.

Factors that make a home safer may also lower home insurance rates. Security alarms and deadbolts make your home more resistant to thieves. Smoke detectors help identify fires early enough to save lives and possibly reduce damage to the home. Any measure that helps preserve your home is important in determining a home owner insurance rate.

The Good

Cheap home owner insurance is a great thing if you are on a limited budget. It can be a good thing no matter how your finances look; having adequate home owner insurance coverage is essential to quality protection.

Owning a home is a huge investment. It is something many people aspire to their entire lives. Knowing that protection is available and not taking advantage is foolish and a gamble that responsible homeowners should never make.

If you put a considerable amount of income into a home, it does not make sense to risk losing everything in order to save a few dollars. Providing yourself with home owner insurance coverage can make an insurance investment a wise one.

The average home insurance policy covers the basic structure of a house. There are additional policies available from most insurance companies that can cover the belongings kept in a home. For the average family, the cost of the contents of their home will be in the range of $60,000. Buying additional home owner insurance coverage for the contents of your home makes even more sense when you realize how much it would cost to replace those items.

Home liability insurance policies can cover any injuries that occur on your property. If a friend were hurt in your front yard, the liability insurer would cover their medical expenses.

Other liability policies cover damages you or your family members might do to another persons home. For instance, this would cover the expenses if your child were to hit a baseball through a neighbor’s window.

The Potentially Bad

Cheap home owner insurance does not usually include all of the potential coverage options available to homeowners. Finding the right policy within a tight budget can mean limiting your home owner insurance coverage.

Knowing how much and what type of home owner insurance coverage is needed helps to make sound decisions when purchasing an insurance policy. If you cannot afford all of the coverage options available, choose the most important policy features. For most people the most significant coverage is basic coverage of the house’s structure.

For someone who could not otherwise afford insurance, cheap home owner insurance can be a blessing. Unfortunately, there are companies that are not as concerned with their reputation as they should be.

Less reputable companies may have poor customer service, charge numerous hidden fees, and most importantly, take a long time to respond to claim requests. During a troubling time, problems like this can only make life harder.

Being wary of difficult or potentially dishonest insurance companies is a good way to protect you from becoming their next unfortunate victim. Generally, you get what you pay for and occasionally insurance companies are no exception.

Not all cheap home insurance policies are going to be bad. In many cases, finding a cheap home insurance policy is a good thing. However, it is always best to research an insurance brokers company thoroughly beforehand, rather than be disappointed later.

There are many agencies a shopper can check with before deciding to purchase a policy. Better business bureaus and local consumer protection agencies specialize in keeping records of complaints lodged against companies in your area.

Cheap or Inexpensive

Cheap home insurance is not always a good thing. Cheap might mean that you will not get the kind of home owner insurance coverage you expect. Cheap might mean that an insurance company will not pay claims or will be difficult to reach. Cheap might cost more in the long run than a more expensive home insurance policy.

An inexpensive insurance policy (low cost but not the cheapest) is one that gives you the level of home owner insurance coverage you need. Inexpensive insurance policies are those that can be purchased from companies who take good care of their customers. Inexpensive home insurance policies are those that have an affordable home owner insurance rate and deliver all of the good things that needed from your home owners insurance plan.

Low-cost home insurance rates can be a wonderful thing as long as it does what it is supposed to do. Before purchasing one of these policies, make sure you are getting the coverage needed through a company that cares. Take time, do research and be satisfied with the decision made.


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