Articles and Information About Health Insurance

Disappointing First Month for New Online Healthcare Marketplace Read more about the pitfalls suffered by the online healthcare marketplace in their first month in action.
How Health Insurance Held up the Government Find out more about the role the health insurance mess played in the two week shut down of the Federal Government.
Supreme Court Finally Rules on Obama Health Care Plan Learn more about the upcoming changes in the nation's healthcare system.
Americans in line for 1.3 Billion in Insurance Kickback Read about the new developments in changing health insurance policy.
Improving the Health Insurance System is a Double Edged Sword Read about the sticking points in Obama's health insurance overhaul.
Employer Health Insurance Becomes Next Battle of Obama Healthcare Plan Learn about the newest battle of Obama's controvertial healthcare plan.
Obama Succeeds in Improving Young Adult Health Insurance Participation Read how the Obama Administration is improving health care insurance numbers for young adults.
9 Million Americans Lose Health Insurance During Recession Learn more about how the recession affected health insurance for millions of Americans.
Illinois Blue Cross Blue Shield Pays $25 milliion to Settle Allegations Learn more about the allegations against Blue Cross Blue Shield in Illinois.
VA Judge Rules against Obama Mandatory Health Insurance A Virginia Judge ruled the Obama Health Insurance Mandate unconstitutional. Find out more!
Medicare Head Defends Health Care Reform in Senate Learn more about Medicare and Medicaid Chief Donald Berwick and his hearing with the Senate Finance Committee.
Why Finding Car Insurance is Easier than Finding Health Insurance Learn more about the federal health insurance v. state car insurance mandates debate.
Health Insurance Companies Fund Republican Party Insurance industry funds Republican Party in hopes of scaling back health insurance reforms.
Affordable Care Act Overhauls Health Care Insurance Read about how new Affordable Care Act measures can protect your health insurance rights.
Health Care Bill Allows Children Until 26 Years Old An outline of the major health care bill revisions that affect the nations youth.
Rising Healthcare Costs for 2010 Miliman, Inc. shows a dramatic increase in healthcare costs for 2010.
Health Insurance Can Now Cover Your Children Until They're 26 Learn details about the major health care bill revisions that affect the nation's youth.
Hard Times and Health Insurance What you can do to get or keep your health insurance, even in this tough economic climate
Health Insurance for Self Employed Workers The importance of having Self Employed Health Insurance and Business Insurance Coverage.
Privacy Issues Raised Against Electronic Health Records The rules and laws regulating the sharing and release of electronic health records by health insurance companies, financial organizations, and government agencies.
A New Approach to Medicaid Programs Federal funding for in-home health care programs awarded to several states.
Understanding Family Health Insurance With the astronomical cost of healthcare today, family health insurance plans are a great way to minimize expenses. Find out who qualifies, what it covers and different medical insurance options available to families.
There Is More To Know About Low Cost Health Insurance Than Price The number one reason why an individual would choose not to have health insurance coverage is because of the cost, but there are low cost health insurance options out there. Learn how health insurance plays an essential role in your financial security.
What You Need to Know About Health Insurance A health insurance overview explaining how to evaluate different health insurance plans and determine whether or not an insurance company is offering reasonable rates in relation to the health insurance coverage type.

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