Understanding Private Health Insurance

Many people who are self-employed do not have the benefits that come with employment at large companies. They are not paid for sick days or vacations.  Individuals who are self-employed typically do not have health insurance either.

Time is money for the self-employed and people who work for themselves generally cannot afford to be sick for long. So, having adequate health care is vital to the success of many self-employed workers.

Finding Self-Employed Health Insurance

There are many supportive organizations that have established benefits for the self-employed. Most of these organizations offer discount health insurance to their customers. Many insurance companies are willing to work with the self-employed to help them find quality deals on insurance policies.

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) is one provider of health insurance for self-employed individuals. They also offer discounted dental insurance and a medical savings plan. These policies are only available to members of the NASE.

There are also many online insurance companies that offer coverage to self-employed and freelance workers. The majority of these policies are only available over the Internet. While these policies are usually discounted, many people do not feel comfortable buying insurance policies from small, online companies.

Many online resources advise readers to look into individual coverage with large insurance companies, even if they don’t offer self-employment rates. It never hurts to contact the company and attempt to negotiate a discount for being self-employed. There is no guarantee that an insurance company will do this, but many self-employment organizations endorse making the attempt.

Why Self-Employed Health Insurance is Necessary

Being self-employed does not exempt someone from having to worry about viruses or car accidents. For those who work alone, there is no one else available to pick up the slack if one of these things happens. This means the self-employed cannot afford to be sick for long.

Being self-employed often means being on a tight budget. Not being able to work for an extended period of time can have serious financial consequences. Paying large amounts of money for medical care can also be financially crippling. In cases like this, it may be well worth the additional monthly expense of a health insurance policy to ensure that an unexpected illness doesn’t result in the loss of a business.

Having easy access to medical care and medication can significantly speed recovery time. Being able to get back to work quickly can be an invaluable benefit.

What Kind of Self-Employed Health Insurance Options Are Available?

There are many options available for someone looking for self-employed health insurance. Many of them are based on the type of work performed. Many occupations have professional organizations that can provide resources for their members who want health insurance coverage.

Small-business owners have specific options available to them through the government. Many government agencies are designed to assist small-business owners, as an incentive to encourage entrepreneurship.

Freelance contractors also have health insurance options dedicated solely to them. These options can be customized to fit each individual. There is even temporary insurance for the person who is only going to be contracting for a limited amount of time.

For the self-employed, it is possible to deduct some, or all of their monthly insurance payments when they file their taxes at the end of the year. This option can be very helpful, as it allows them to recover some of their expenses. This is just another reason why the self-employed should contact a health insurance provider.

A Safety Net For Small Businesses

Business health insurance is crucial for small business owners, although many people can come up with reasons to justify not having it. For someone who is self-employed, though, there is really no good reason to risk bankrupting his or her business due to medical bills.

Health insurance coverage is vital to the success of any small company.

Most people are not brave enough to start their own business or go out and work without the safety net of corporate employment. Being able and willing to do so is courageous. Doing so without a plan for emergencies, however, is unwise. Many insurance companies are happy to work with the self-employed to find a product they can afford, so they can feel safe by knowing they have quality medical insurance.

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