Understanding the Nature of Home Insurance Coverage

Emily Ferreira, Managing Editor

Home owner insurance is one of the basic policies that every homeowner should own. Knowing exactly what your policy covers and how much coverage you should have can be the key to finding comfort in the security of your investment.

Insurance Policies

When dealing with a home insurance company, it is important to remember that there are many different types of home insurance policies to choose from. The first policy to look at is the basic home owner insurance policy.

Depending on which home insurance company you purchase a policy from and the area you live in, a basic insurance policy is going to cover the cost of rebuilding or repairing a home in the event of a fire, storm or certain natural disasters.

Replacing a home can be a traumatic and expensive process. Losing everything is never easy; having the ability to recover from one of these situations will be the one thing that makes a bad situation better. When someone comes across a serious problem, a alternative plan can make things go smoothly.

The basic insurance policies only cover the structure of the house. A home insurance company also provides a wide variety of additional coverage options.

There are policies meant to cover personal belongings. Many people don’t realize how much their personal belongings may really be worth. According to insurance industry estimate, the replacement value of the contents of most homes has been calculated to be in the range of $60,000.

Having to pay for the same items twice can make life difficult. The expenses of building up your family’s belongings over the course of a lifetime can seem impossible to overcome when faced with the daunting task of replacing it all in one fell swoop.

While many things are going to seem impossible to replace, finding a way to replace the non-sentimental items might help to ease some of the pain of such a monumental loss. Having an additional home insurance policy that helps with other expenses can be extremely important and beneficial.

Additional Coverage

Another home owner insurance policy that is very popular and easy to find, is a policy designed to cover damages resulting in a “type” of disaster common in the homeowner’s particular area. If you are located in the Midwest, a home insurance policy that protects against tornado damage is vital. For someone in California, earthquake insurance is essential.

A home insurance company will usually offer a variety of custom natural disaster policies. Finding the right one for your area can be as easy as contacting a home insurance company. In some cases, if aware of potential risks that standard home insurance coverage will not cover, you will need to buy a separate policy either from a current home insurance company or another company that offers specialty insurance coverage.

One of the most common types of disaster insurance is flood coverage. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), everyone in the United States lives in a flood plain. The only distinction between one area and another is the level of risk that is associated with the area. FEMA rates flood plains as low-, medium-, or high-risk flood zones. Once you understand the zone that you live in, you can make a better determination as to whether you should get flood insurance or not.

When looking into policies for various kinds of disaster coverage, know which specialty insurance products should be considered for purchase.

There are also home liability insurance policies that cover the medical bills of anyone injured on the property, as well as liability insurance policies that will cover any damage that your household may inflict on another. An example of this second type of home owner liability insurance is when your dog bites a neighbor or your kids knock a baseball through a neighbor’s picture window.

Working with the Home Insurance Company

When shopping for an insurance policy by phone, it is easy to find affordable home insurance quotes from many different home insurance companies. Many home insurance companies are even able to provide online home insurance quotes. Being able to find a good policy with the right coverage for a reasonable rate can be a rewarding experience for consumers.

Many people are able to find good deals by working with existing insurance companies. An insurance agent should work to help find the best deal and determine if you qualify for any discounts. Being able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about the products needed to consider can help direct the most appropriate home owner insurance policy for your needs.

There are many options available to someone interested in home owner insurance policies. It is simply a matter of learning what is available and deciding on the policy features that will best serve your requirements. Once initial research is completed, one should shop around to see which home insurance company offers the best mix of features and coverage for the price.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect insurance policy can help make your life easier. Working with a good agent and a good home insurance company can make the horrible situations that arise in life considerably easier to deal with when they occur.

Do your best to complete all of the necessary research. By using the right resources to complete research, you can quickly figure out which home insurance products will best serve your needs. And with a bit more research, you can find exactly the coverage needed for a good price.


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