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Purchasing home insurance can be one of the most important decisions you make as a homeowner. Since it is most likely your most valuable asset, homes should be protected from damaging elements. Since mobile homes have a tendency to sustain more damage than other homes, it is vital that they be covered by mobile home insurance.

Mobile Homes Insurance

Mobile home insurance provides the owner with security in the event that damage is done to the home, adjacent properties (such as a shed or detached garage), or personal effects. There are several unavoidable incidents that can cause damage to your home, such as fire, lightning, or even an explosion.  Should an event such as this occur, your home and belongings can be protected by your mobile home insurance.

Another valuable feature of mobile home insurance is that it can provide you with damage and liability funds. For example, if an individual who is not a resident at the home gets injured while on the property, you may rest assured that your insurance will cover any lawsuits or court costs that you may incur.

Mobile Home Insurance Quote

A home insurance quote will obviously be considerably more expensive compared to other types of insurance. This is because of the value of the property being insured. Mobile home insurance is one of the least expensive home insurance policies, because the value of mobile homes is generally less compared to other structures. Your quote will depend on what type of coverage you choose.


A mobile home insurance rate will vary depending on what type of coverage the owner chooses. Standard home insurance includes coverage for damages such as lightning or strong wind, but you may have to pay slightly more if you desire to be covered for fire damage. In addition to a higher rate, you will also need to take certain precautionary steps, such as regulation smoke detectors and protection equipment, in order to be approved.

If it is not already included, you may opt to have your personal effects covered. Should they become damaged in any way as a result of extreme weather or fire, the insurance company will provide you with compensation. Taken a step further, it can cover damages sustained to your belongings during transport. This is referred to as “Worldwide Coverage” and it is especially helpful for mobile home owners who are often faced with the need to transport their entire home and belongings far distances.

While Worldwide Coverage can provide the owner compensation for damaged belongings, Collision coverage is necessary to protect the property itself during transport. If the property sustains any damage as a result of a collision or other traffic related incident, it will be compensated for by the company.

Finally, the settlement option you choose will have great influence on your mobile home insurance quote. There are two settlement methods: replacement cost and actual cash value. Replacement cost will generally incur a higher insurance rate. With replacement cost, the insurance company pays the owner of the home replacement or repair costs without taking depreciation into account. The owner can be approved for any amount up to the amount of coverage they initially purchased. Actual cash value is similar in that it will pay for the replacement or repair costs. However, it will take into account the depreciated value of the home.  For example, if your home has gone down in value from the time you purchased it, you will acquire the amount of purchased coverage for repairs and replacements minus the depreciation value. For this reason, an actual cash value settlement will incur a less expensive insurance quote.

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