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Akron is a city located in the northeastern portion of the state of Ohio. The city, which is a large part of the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area, covers approximately 62.4 square miles. Akron is home to the historical Highland Theater.

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According to the 2000 Census report, Akron has a population of 217,074 people; its population density is 3,497.3 people per square mile. To further add to its population, two large interstates, I-76 and I-77, run through the city, consequently increasing the need for residents to have Akron auto insurance.

In Akron, the median income for a family is $39,381 while the median income for a household is $31,835. Furthermore, the city’s per capita income is $17,596. In the 2000 Census report, it was estimated that about 14% of families, as well as about 17.5% of the total population, live below the poverty line.

Whether residents have high or low salaries, there are two primary sources where Akron residents can receive healthcare services: Akron City Hospital and Akron General Medical Center; both centers have received national accolades for their services. Also, for younger residents, there is Akron Children’s Hospital. Thus, in times of emergencies or when simple health concerns arise, it is very important to have Akron health insurance. Subsequently, it is equally essential for residents of the city to have Akron life insurance as well.

Concerning climate, Akron has a wide range of conditions. With winter temperatures reaching as low as 17 degrees and accompanied by a fair amount of snow, summers of an average temperature of 82 degrees, and moderate rain in the spring, it is vital for the city’s residents to have Akron home insurance.

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